Seniors and Managed Conditions

Our Seniors and Managed Conditions Program aims to improve physical fitness for members over 61 years of age.

With classes held in our Fit for Life and Group Fit studios, plus the 25m and 50m pool, our classes will help members maintain a healthy lifestyle while having fun and making new friends!

We have a range of Seniors and Managed Conditions classes over the week:


Fit For Life
A moderate to low intensity 45 minute class designed to increase strength, fitness and wellbeing, Suitable for seniors or anyone with a stable long term medical conditions.

A low impact 45 minute class using fitballs to improve the range of motion, body alignment, posture, strength and stability.

Tai Chill
Using easy to follow movements based on traditional Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Zen concepts, this 45 minute session focuses on building flexibility, strength and balance.

A popular water workout designed for all swimming abilities. This 60 minute class is full of fun, helping you to keep active while making new friend with the Aquarians Social Club.

Deep Water Running
This 60 minute class uses buoyancy aids in deep water. Suitable for all fitness levels, the aqua running and exercise are beneficial for injury recovery, arthritis and joint problems.

Aqua Interval
A combination of shallow and deep water exercises, this 60 minute class is designed for all fitness levels.

Water Walking
A 45 minute class in waist deep water that takes advantage of the waters resistance. Using noodles and dumbbells, the water supports the body's weight helping to reduce stress on the joints while minimising pain.​