Teen Fitness

4.15 - 5.00pm:  Mon, Wed & Fri

11 to 15 years

Pay as you go: $10 per class

Membership:  $22.79 per fortnight includes unlimited access to Teenfit classes and unlimited pool access (conditions apply)

Teenfit classes are fun, interactive 45 minute workout sessions instructed by qualified and experienced Personal Trainers. Each session is specifically tailored to compliment and support the needs of a teen body in terms of development and ability. 

Conducted in our private Fit for Life gym, Teenfit focus’ on building strength, stamina, flexbility and functional stability using using the latest cardio and strength training equipment. A typical session includes core stability, cardiovascular endurance, agility, functional strength and conditioning exercises. Our qualified trainers will ensure each movement is performed correctly and safely whilst explaining the expected outcomes of each exercise.
Strength and fitness exercise during adolescent years can set the basis for a healthy lifestyle into adulthood. Our Teenfit program is aimed at those teens who are not necessarily competitive but want to be involved, improve their strength and fitness, improve performance and reduce the risk of injury in their chosen sports.
We keep the workouts challenging and progressive, not just to improve fitness, but also to give participants a sense of accomplishment. Working hard to get that first pull-up does amazing things for self-confidence and teaches you how to have a positive attitude towards challenges. Teenfit classes run throughout the school term and school holidays.



Note:  Parental consent is required at first class attendance.